About us

Our Practice:

We follow the original Pilates principles of Alignment, Control, Precision, Focus, Balance, Core power and Functional strength, as well as incorporating a variety of fitness elements, including Aerial and Yoga practices, to create a holistic and dynamic approach to our classes, designed to recalibrate, rebalance and renew the body and mind, to function within its most efficient and effective capacity, with direction, thought, and purpose.

About Marisa:

Owner and Instructor at Unfold Movement Studio, Marisa Smuts, has a long held passion for fitness, self-development and awareness, and expression through movement.
Marisa comes from an extensive background in Modern, Contemporary, and African Dance styles, with a BA in Dance from the University of Cape Town, a Pilates Instructor Qualification from the Exercise Teachers Academy of Cape Town, received with Distinction, and an Aerial Yoga Teachers Qualification from The Yoga Mala certified by YACEP.